The Birds and the Bees

May 15th, 2017

Our bee hotel has been completed along with mini bee houses alongside…. and they have residents!!   Yes we have resident bees dwelling in their bees holes and as a bonus we have a Blackbird nesting in the rear of the main bee hotel!!!  What a huge success.  We thank our Warden’s Tony & Kim for their efforts and enthusiasm in this nature project which has paid dividends for wildlife.   A nectar bar will soon be in place so the bees can feed on nearby bee friendly flowers.

In addition to this we have sparrows nesting in the wooden log cabin style shower block.  The sparrows have snook in under the wooden panels and nested underneath this exterior cladding.   You are now serenaded by birdsong and chirping chicks when you’re having a shower or spending a penny !!!


bee hotel noticebee hotel mini paint

Bees, bugs ….. and just by a stroke of luck birds too!!                                     The south facing mini bee house has bee residents.

wooden panels top block

Wooden cladding has provided an ideal nesting place for birds (under the top panel).


log pile

Log pile to attract insects.